Look Out We’re Being Chased By 20 Year Olds

Gthe-Graduate-2It looks like 20-year-old men are looking for more mature women.

Some time ago a study came out that broke the hearts of women everywhere. Researched and compiled by the fine people at OKCupid, it revealed that when it comes to what men really want in a woman, it’s youth. Do you remember that study? You know, the one that basically said that if you’re a woman over 22, you should just give up and crawl under a rock somewhere? I’m sure you do, as much as you tried to forget it.

Along with sharing that depressing news it also shared this painful line: “Once a woman passes the age of 22, she becomes exponentially less attractive to men.” Oh, how lovely. And while that still may be true for some men whose fear of aging keeps them grappling like a rabid vampire for a woman young enough to be their daughter or granddaughter, another study has come out revealing otherwise. Yes, ladies, there is hope for all of you over 22 after all. Can I get a collective high-five?

A new study of over 450,00 online daters by EliteSingles has found that men between the ages of 20 and 29 prefer to date older women. Although the study did find that, yes, men do want younger women, the average most desirable age gap was up to 11 years younger than themselves. Even men in their 60s were sticking to this 11-year difference, as opposed to shooting for a 40-year difference. Are men maturing and getting their heads out of the clouds for 2015?

But back to 20-something men wanting older women…


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