8 Life Habits – A Must For All Women In Their 40s

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Two women outdoors hugging and smiling

We still feel great in our 40s – these are the years a woman can really enjoy. But could there be strange stirrings of trouble ahead and could these changes turn into health problems for us? Yes!
So first lets look at what happened during the previous 10 years.

Female Bone density fell by 1-3% or more
Stress levels may have increased due to lifestyle matters involving kids, money, parents etc.
Depression, a complex condition, but is more common in these years
Hormone changes affected many of our body’s systems
Metabolism slowed by around 5% more making weight control difficult especially
Muscle lost 7-10%.
But don’t worry, help is at hand – read on…

Practice the following 8 lifestyle habits and you will be able to combat these life changing events. Not only that, but you should see an improvement in all round health, with more energy, more focus and less illness.