6 Reasons Why Marriage Is Overrated?

Bride Performing a Double PlayI’m not sold on the whole marriage thing. And here’s why.

I’m polyamorous. Sort of. For the last couple years, I’ve lived a polyamorous lifestyle, which means that I date and love multiple men at once who all know about each other. However, recently I’ve done a bit of soul-searching and I’m now back to dabbling in monogamy.

Overall, revisiting monogamy has been a positive experience but I still have a few concerns about the current state of modern-day marriage (or pseudo-marriage A.K.A unmarried couples who are monogamous). Interestingly, it’s not monogamy that I have a problem with; it’s what happens to people because of monogamy. Here’s 6 of my most pressing concerns:
Original article by: Eden Strong


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